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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Greenwood Health Introduces SanSatiaFruit


When someone is evaluating your opportunity, they have two questions in their mind. They won't ask these questions, but it's what they are thinking. And if you don't give solid answers to these two questions, you lose. Here are the two questions:
1. Can I trust you?
2. Can I do this?

Question 1: Can I trust you?
If the person feels you are trying to take advantage of him, you lose. If you come on like a huckster, you lose. If you engage in arm twisting, a wall of resistance goes up, and you lose.
He doesn't trust you. If he feels you are a "recruiter" instead of a "sponsor", you lose.
This is why the skills of a successful Networker are "trust-building" skills. People join you because of YOU, because they trust you. Not because they have been convinced.
NetworkMarketing is RELATIONSHIP building. Success depends upon learning how to build trust.
Learn how to build trust. That's why we teach Trust Building Skills, instead of sales skills.That's why we teach a Sponsoring System for people who don't like to sell.


Question 2: Can I do this?
While you are in attempting to sponsor someone, your prospect is wondering, "Can I do what he is doing?".
He is not only evaluating you, but he is also evaluating what you are doing, wondering if he can do that. If he thinks he can do it, you will probably sponsor him. But when an over-enthusiastic distributor becomes "pushy" and starts arm twisting, the prospect decides: "I can't do that. I can't do this business". How will you sponsor him then?
1. Your prospects are constantly evaluating you.2. Your prospects are constantly evaluating what you do.
These two unspoken questions are the keys to sponsoring people. Be prepared by dealing with these two unspoken questions.

SenSatiaFruit has captured the hearts of Networkers. This is a 16 fruit superfood in a powder.
The enrollments have exploded, with 6,000 people signing up.

SenSatiaFruit is made with a new high tech Patent Pending process that preserves nutrients.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Free Weight Normalization EBook

The brand new Weight Normalization Free EBook is now available at

Also includes 1,000 healthy recipes.

Monday, February 20, 2006

MLM Smokescreens

Are you a victim of pay plan illusions and deception?
Have you encountered payplans with the terms"weak leg", "leg balancing" or "flushing volume"?
This is the terminology that's used to mask the theft of the commission money that will NOT be paid to the "little guy".
This is the smokescreen terminology of the binary pay plan, where money is taken from the average person and funneled up to the "heavy hitters" or back to the company.
They recruit people by flashing the big checks...the checks that most people will NEVER earn. Most network marketing companies brag that they pay on 7, 8 or 9 levels.The question is, are YOU actually paid on all those levels? What does it take to qualify?
Usually, you'll need some astronomical Group that is only ever achieved by a very, very few people.
Most people will NEVER get there!
Welcome to the Networker's world of ILLUSION!
Does your Networking pay plan depend on you sponsoring a large number of people who must then achieve some astronomical personal Group Volume themselves?
Most people will NEVER get there!
And most people will NEVER be paid on all the levels the company "says" they pay on.
Welcome to the Networker's land of Smoke and Mirrors!
This is where most people have an IMPOSSIBLE DREAM that will NEVER happen!
It's based on illusion and deception.
Most Networkers struggle with these impossible Group Volumerequirements until they finally realize they will NEVER make it.
And they give up.
The bigger tragedy is that probably half of those who do work hard to meet the requirements, cannot MAINTAIN those absurd requirements once they get there, and they quit too.
This Group Volume nightmare leads to the inevitable conclusion, and these frustrated networkers eventually just give up and quit.
Here's the bottom line:
Group Volume requirements produce dropouts.
High Group Volume requirements equals high dropouts.

What if a company had a pay plan without any Group Volumerequirements or qualifications? A pay plan that pays you on all levels, with no hoops to jump through.
With no "IMPOSSIBLE DREAM" ladders to climb.
With no pay plan smokescreens that restrict the average personto only being paid on 4 levels, while the company is advertising that they pay on 8 or 9 levels.
What if there were a pay plan with no illusions or deception?
Greenwood's pay plan pays 10 levels deep and as wide as you build it.
It's totally free of illusion, deception or smoke and mirrors.
There are no Sponsoring RequirementsNo Group Volume requirementsNo positions to achieve, no mirage-like "bonus pools" and no hype.
For more info go to


Friday, February 17, 2006

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